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About Our Company

When it comes to property care series, greenery maintenance, and complex cleaning for blocks of flats and whole settlements, our results continue to speak for themselves.
From vast block spaces to staircases, our team of dedicated professionals take pride in their work and ensure that their regular cleaning keeps your interiors and exteriors looking stunning. Our minimum expectation is your maximum satisfaction, with all care and cleaning services done to perfection.

Garden And Property Services

From grass to trees, leaves, moss and even those annoying weeds, our garden care team can clear, clean, and make your garden serene. Our efficient and cost-effective garden care services are designed to keep your green spaces looking immaculate, using trusted techniques to deliver exceptional results. Whatever garden care you need, our professionals are here to get the job done, so contact us today for all your horticultural needs.

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Grass Mowing

For smooth, finely manicured and always tidy grass mowing, we are the team to call for results you can trust.

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Lawn Turfing

Our professional lawn turfing services are available for commercial and complex spaces of all sizes.

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Lawn Care

To keep your lawn in superb condition, our scheduled services are hard to beat and easy to appreciate, lawn care at its best.

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Power Washing

From removing stubborn stains to power washing your complex grounds, power washing is the way to go.

Eco Cleaning

Commercial cleaning that uses eco-friendly materials and methods, that is our commitment to you and the environment.

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Winter Maintenance

Through the colder months, our winter maintenance packages will ensure that seasons standards are always delivered.

Tree Care & Removal

From large trees to smaller shrubs, our garden care team has the experience to keep your lawns and gardens looking clean and pristine, giving that elegant look to all your outdoor green space.

Whether it is a large tree that needs to be taken down, or some smaller scale tree removal to allow space for new growth or tidy up your green space, our team of experts will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Complex Cleaning

From large commercial spaces to corporate headquarters, our complex cleaning is scheduled and designed to keep your properties clean and pristine.

Commercial Cleaning

Our range of commercial cleaning options can be scheduled to work with your business and is guaranteed to be outstanding, every time.

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Waste & Recycling

Collecting and disposing of waste and recycling to keep your property and complex clear of clutter and clean for employees and visitors alike.

Window Cleaning

Our professional window cleaning can be scheduled for your convenience to ensure all your windows are sparkling, clean, and free of marks.

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Systematic Cleaning

Using tried and tested professional techniques, our professional systematic cleaning is bespoke to your buildings, guranteed to impress.

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Stone Renovation

Stone is a material that requires special approach which is guaranteed when you hire us to do all your stone floor renovation work, that’s our promise.

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Stone Care

When you need professional stone floor care in your property, we can bring your floors back to their glistening best, and preserve them for years.

Commercial Cleaning
Modern Technologies
Systematic Cleaning
Waste & Recycling
Window Cleaning
Stone Care
Stone Renovation

Types Of Properties



Our property care team offers full domestic services to keep your green spaces tidy and presentable at all times. From garden clearance to general building maintenance services, we will get the results you deserve and expect.



Whether it is the outdoor garden at your corporate headquarters or a roof terrace, our property care team offers full commercial garden care services to keep your professional premises pristine.


Schools & Academies

From schools to academies, our professional care team services all educational green spaces to keep all your communal spaces in great condition for pupils, students, and staff, making you proud of that space.


Corporate & Private Businesses

Our commercial cleaning services are available for a range of corporate and private business premises, delivering high quality cleaning and gardening work for excellent prices. From pristine lawns to spotless offices, our team is here to deliver the results you want.


Manufacturing & Industrials

From large scale industrial properties to manufacturing hubs, our cleaning services are designed to keep places immaculate, and we also provide garden care to keep outdoor spaces looking good. Contact us for cleaning services you can trust at prices you will appreciate.

We Can Help In Many Ways

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Covid-19 Decontamination

At MXMX, we will ensure a high level of Covid-19 contamination with our eco-friendly and meticulous cleaning processes, giving you true peace of mind.

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Carpet Cleaning

When you want immaculately clean carpets that are restored to their best with professional cleaning processes, contact MXMX for the best results.

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Property Maintenance

From hard to reach gutter cleaning, small but important repairs, and full safety checks, our property maintenance services include a range of jobs for great prices.

ground repair icon

Ground Repairs

Our professional ground repairs team offers a range of work including fence fixing, bollard repairs, paving maintenance and more, all done quickly and efficiently.

planting icon

Planting for Homes and Offices

When you need help planting flowers or trees on your property, whether it’s a home or office location, our garden care team will get it done.

Graffiti icon

Graffiti Removal

For full, quick, and professional graffiti removal to restore your vandalised property to its glistening best, contact MXMX for service that is fast and guaranteed.

Fencing Services

When you need a new fencing or you want your garden fence panels restored to their former glory and made pristine, our garden team is on hand to get the job done. Efficient and cost effective, our team works hard to get stunning results.
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Metal & Wood Fence Installation

For all new fence panel installation work, and ongoing cleaning and maintenance, we have the team to trust when you want results you can rely on. Our team of commercial fence panel experts are the best in the business.

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Fence Panel Repair & Replacement

Weather damage, aging over time, accidents, just a few reasons why you may need our fence panel repair and replacement team to fix and clean your outdoor spaces. For all this and commercial garden cleaning too, contact us.

Ozonation Service

We ozone such areas as: office, commercial and service spaces, shops and back rooms, warehouses and production halls, staircases and blocks, hotels, gastronomic premises and other.

How Does Ozonation Work?

After your call we start with calculating the size of space that needs to be ozoned and we come to your place at scheduled time

Using our specialistic tools our certified workers secure the room and perform ozonation to purify the air removing smells and harmful factors such as viruses, mould and microorganisms

After the ozonation entire area is aired and after 15 minutes you can enjoy your fresh and healthy space.